Our Heritage

We believe that health and beauty are one. Philip Pelusi has combined the very best of natures’ sustainable ingredients with the most advanced science to deliver only the highest quality, safe, pure, organic, and scientifically advanced performance organic products to the world. 

All Tela Beauty Organics products and salon treatments are non-invasive and contain ingredients and formulas that are USDA Certified Organic and Oregon Tilth Certified. We use Micro-Emulsion Technology (MET) as our delivery system for superior health benefits so that the natural potency of the organic ingredients selected can be brought down to size in order to penetrate the hair and skin fabric.

All of our hair care from organic shampoos, conditioners, salon treatments, to grooming products go to the heart of the hair, penetrating the deepest cortical layer, working from the inside out to rebuild, maintain, and revitalize skin and all hair types and textures. You can see and feel the difference! 

Our Tela Beauty Organics Bath & Body formulations have miraculous benefits for the skin. Powerful humectants deeply bind moisture into dry skin, leaving it feeling hydrated, never greasy or heavy. Antioxidants help protect the skin from free radical damage, protecting the integrity of the skin’s strength and resilience.

Our Product and Company Values 
We believe in science, nature, health and beauty as an interconnected unity.

We believe that less is more. 

We believe that hair and skin requires “washing instructions”
just like your silk shirt or cashmere sweater.

We believe in extending the life and health of your hair,
and your skin.

We believe in possibility and limitless creativity when providing advanced solutions for your hair and skin concerns.

We believe in a personal, individual approach when providing you with a consultancy based customer care experience.

We believe in using 100% USDA Certified Ingredients
in our formulas.

- Philip Pelusi